Pub. 3 2023 Issue 4

MIBA Lobbying Report

With summer in full swing and the 2023 Missouri Legislative Session in the books, we turn our attention to 2024 statewide and legislative races. All of the Missouri House seats are up, and 17 of the 34 Senate seats are up in 2024.

In the House, 21 of the 163 seats up in 2023 will be open seats due to term limits in 2024. In the Senate, six of the 17 seats up in 2024 will be open due to term limits. At least one other Senate seat will be up in 2024 as Senator Holly Rehder-Thompson, who is eligible to run for re-election has announced her intentions to run for Lt. Governor.

So, we are beginning to vet announced candidates for the state Senate and House, a process that seems to never end.

As for the state-wide races in 2024, the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Attorney General are up, and we expect primaries on both the Democrat and Republican sides in each race.