Pub. 3 2023 Issue 5

President’s Message: Another Successful Convention

Community bankers working together is what will keep community banking strong well into the future.

Another MIBA Annual Convention is in the books and what a great way to start my tenure as the newly elected MIBA President than to reflect on this annual tradition.

First, I would like to give a big thank you to Tyler Bender for the past year as our President for the MIBA. Most of you know how enthusiastic Tyler is when advocating about community banking, but many of you don’t realize all the time and effort he puts into promoting the important role of community banks. Not only is he a great asset for the MIBA, but he is also on the ICBA Federal Delegate Board, which helps shape and advocate national policy and programs for community banks.

I would also like to give a big thank you to Matthew Ruge, Michelle Lawson, Jessica Rogers and Rebecca Young with the MIBA. Their hard work and commitment to the convention are hands down what makes it such a success. What a great staff we have at the MIBA!

Thank you to all the vendors, sponsors and all of the bankers who attended the convention. Visiting with our peers during the convention week is a great learning experience for all of us. Community bankers working together is what will keep community banking strong well into the future. I know I always come away from the convention with a thought or an idea for our bank that I heard from another community banker.

The convention was, again, full of learning opportunities, with great speakers focusing on technology, regulations, strategy and the ever-important banking update from the regulators. The keynote speakers were fantastic, with Derek Williams, who is the current ICBA Chairman, and Dudley Carter, who is a Marketing Strategist with Stifel headlining each day.

We also had the opportunity to enjoy our time at the convention with the golf tournament at The Cove Golf Course as well as the live entertainment and the ever-popular LobsterFest. Networking was also very popular with the MIBA each evening, and the opening reception and rooftop rendezvous was a great way to catch up with your fellow Missouri bankers.

The focus on technology, fintech and instant payments was at the forefront of the convention. As community banks, we work hard to have products and services that are comparable to the larger banks. We focus on being the bank of choice in our communities, and the speakers and vendors are here to make our lives easier. Innovation to make a better customer experience is a must in today’s world. Customer expectations have changed and will continue to change; most consumers value ease of service over product features, and with today’s innovation, we strive for Missouri community banks to be the bank of choice!